Volunteers make EC2017 happen!

Organizing a big championship requires a lot of hours and manpower. In addition to the main organization team consisting of 4 people, we are lucky to have a few very hardworking people behind us.

BUT we need a multitude of such great volunteers during the championship itself. SO a call to all of you and your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, family, friends, sports enthusiasts, ... to provide a helping hand!

Fill in this form if you want to help!

Our preparations are so much easier if we already know what everyone can contribute! So give up today! The form allows you to indicate when and with which you can support us. As you will see, there is a very wide range of volunteer tasks. You can help us every day, but you can also go for one specific competition.

Every helping hand is a blessing for us and the race directors, and that's what the athletes will benefit! ;-)

NOTE: For people who already filled in their choices on the registration website: you do not have to do this a second time!