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Please bear in mind that we tried hard to avoid overlapping with other ECU events, but within a limited time and with lots of participants in racing we had to compromise at some points.
A tight schedule needs some inevitable discipline, so please be punctual and ready for your race (including required safety equipment) when your heat is called. If you are not in the starting area on time and/or not ready to start you cannot compete!
You find the track schedule and track age group information at the end of this newsletter.


Starting & Time Measurement

We are proud to have the best possible and professionally working team available: Swiss Unicycle Timing. Together with the race management and many helping hands they will make sure, that everything runs as smoothly as possible.
Starting will be done with six starting beeps and an electronic false start detection. At the races, every rider who provokes the second,
third, … false start of the heat (not his/her personal one) will be disqualified.

For one-foot races a camera controlled monitoring of the 5m line will be used.
Swiss Unicycle Team will offer a starting workshop on Sunday, July 30th in the stadium in the early afternoon for those who like to give it a try before the competitions start.


Slalom will be held indoors under the stadium stand so we will not be dependant on weather. There will be a second slalom for training.
Although there are three days for doing slalom we strongly advise you to do it as soon as possible to avoid stress and last minute queuing. There are 388 registered riders for slalom, that makes 776 heats…

Relay races - registration
We need your complete relay registration by July 15. Incomplete teams and single riders will be deleted.
Changes after that date can only be made in case of testified illness or injury, still we cannot guarantee any short-term modification.

Final races

The best eight riders - male and female seperately - of each of the individual stadium disciplines (except coasting) will start in the finals,
independant of their age. The winner will be European Champion.

The best six riders 0 - 14 - male and female seperately - will start in the junior finals (unless they could qualify for the overall final). The winner will get an award.

Why junior finals?
- We think it is highly important to support our young talents to give our sports a future.
- It is very motivating to have the chance to reach a junior final for the young ones.
- We have the time to do the junior finals in between, because the championship finals cannot be done one after the other without a break.

4 x 100m relay finals:
The best eight teams will be nominated for the championship finals. There are no junior finals.
Only the same riders that participated in the original team can take part in the final races.

Final races will not be repeated.

Safety first
For all stadium races the following safety equipment is mandatory: shoes - knee pads - padded (cycling) gloves - helmet
You also need to wear them during warm up. We recommend elbow pads, too.
Thanks for understanding that we care about your health and for being a good example for the younger riders! :-)


Slow races / Track jumps
Slow races and track jumps are in charge of other race directors. Please contact the directors responsible if you have questions:
                Ana Schrödinger:    slow races

                Edd Hawkes:       high and long jump (track)
You can use the following e-mail address:

If you already know that you will not be competing in one or more disciplines please let us know immediately.
It would be really helpful.

Feel free to contact me any time by e-mail or text me on WhatsApp.                  

Rosi Bongers
Director Track Races / ECU 2017
mobile:                  0049 176 22 50 49 06